Here i will help you with your questions if you have any just comment them below i will happily help you with anything you need !

” I see the slideshow wallpapers and i really like them but i do not know how to download them can you help me a bit ? ”

Well if you right-click and the  click ” Save image as… ” the image will be downloaded in the perfect image size so don’t worry if you think its small.

” I’ve noticed how you made your logo can you please tell me the size and the photo editor you use and how do you upload it ? ”

The size is 1160 x 250 , the photo editor i use is befunky.com if you go to customize you go to header image and upload your logo its simple as that!

” What’s the theme your using ? ”

You can the my current theme if you scroll down at the end of the site or it will pop up on your screen when wordpress.com advertises for you to join it now!

Keep them questions commin’ tumblr_mn2v2kxsx61rzysupo1_500